Holding the No.1 position in our industry for 30 years has been challenging. Since being founded in 1992, Seavo has been dedicated to motherboard. During these 30 years, Seavo has influenced the development of the motherboard industry in China. Now as China’s largest hardware platform supplier for smart IoT devices, Seavo uses information technology for traditional industries in revolutionary new ways, helping customers to innovate new products and realize new and intelligent connections.
Informatization Age
1992 Zeling was founded (Seavo was originally named Zeling). Chinese IT industry entered into the x86 era since Zeling introduced the first 286 motherboard.
1995 Our motherboard research & development team, (the first in China), was set up to develop the first 486 motherboard, which meant that Chinese IT industry began to have the capability to develop proprietary hardware products.
1997 Our "Made in China" motherboard was sold to overseas markets, which marked the beginning of Chinese IT enterprises exporting products overseas.
1998 Our corporate management concepts of "virtual factory" and "flat matrix management" were successfully put into practice. These have been selected as classic management cases for MBA programs by many renowned universities in China.
1999 Our motherboard sales amounted to 1.5 million pieces. This is more than five times the sales of all the other domestic companies in the industry put together. We were partners of almost all the listed IT companies in China (27 companies).
Post-PC Age
2003 Zeling was renamed as Seavo Technology.
2004 Our "Furong Marketing" model was launched. We are the first in China to create a sales model and successfully put it into practice.
2005 The world's first DVR specialized industrial motherboard was introduced. After that, the NVR specialized industrial motherboard and the SVR specialized industrial motherboard were successively introduced. They have been applied in such national projects as the Beijing National Stadium Bird's Nest as well as the main venue for the Shanghai Expo.
2007 Our motherboard were sold to the Taiwan market at a price higher than that of local brands. In the Taiwan market, Seavo Technology was the first motherboard enterprise from mainland China at that time, which was quite a popular story in the media.
Smart IoT Age
2008 We introduced the world's first specialized motherboard for commercial intelligent information equipment. We also successively introduced specialized motherboards in the fields of: Intelligent Retail, Industrial Automation, Network security, Digital Surveillance, Cloud Computing & storage, Digital Signage, Transportation, Health and Energy. A number of traditional industries in China have greeted this new technology by applying x86 technology intelligent equipment and interconnecting it with their systems.
2009 Seavo held its first campus recruitment event at the University of Science & Technology of China. We did so in order to recruit teams of highly talented individuals. Since 2009, the Seavo has continued to recruit from China Top10 universities.
2010 Our management 2.0 (2010 - 2013) started. Centering on "Intelligent Seavo", we built a dynamic, intelligent organization that adapted to the needs of staff development, corporate management and scale development.
2011 While the world entered into an era of IOT, we became China's largest motherboard supplier for smart IoT devices.
2014 Our management 3.0 (2014 – 2024) was released, which centered on "kindness" and "the creation of happiness". Seavo’s project "making the best" was launched helping to make the ecology industry more harmonious and making the world a better place.
2015 The first server motherboard of Seavo was launched representing Seavo's preliminary deployment of an industry-wide ecology chain, ranging from clouds and networks to edges and terminals. Partnering with over 50 listed companies, Seavo saw its overseas sales double. Seavo is now recognized by customers around the world.
2017 Our corporate development team created a new goal: "Become the world's largest hardware platform supplier for smart IoT devices".
2018 Seavo cooperated with Intel and jointly delivered the world's first SKM (Smart Kiosk Module) Reference.
2020 Seavo became the first company in mainland China to undertake the R&D of Intel's new platform reference board.
2021 Seavo comprehensively laid out the fields of "Machine Vision, Robotics, and AI", launching multiple industry reference designs and development kits.
2023 Seavo was selected as a national-level Specialized and New "Little Giant" Enterprise.
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